One Day as an Innovator

How much time should you bring?

We recommend at least 4 and maximum 8 hours for this workshop

What benefits does this workshop bring?

• You will better understand your beneficiaries
• You will have human-centered ideas to possibly work on in the future
• You give your beneficiaries a sense of empowerment
• You will learn the tools to be an intrapreneur and know how to innovate nutrition within your organization
• You will join our network, have access to our methods and a link to nutrition innovators around the globe

What will you do?

• You will get a change to work closely with your beneficiaries on a whole new level
• You will be the "hands & feet" on the ground, enabling your group
• You will travel through a customized journey, either online with live workshops or offline with pre-recorded videos, digital and printable worksheets, and detailled programme instructions

What does this offer include?

• Prior consultation call with our team
• Customized Miro board with our templates for digital collaboration and all handouts to print
• One or two trainers from our team to facilitate the workshop and guide you through the day
• Flexibility and customization possibilities to meet your needs

How much does it cost?

It costs 500 - 1000 EUR, depending on the number of participants, the duration of the workshop and the size of your organization

Working on Bean Bag Chairs

How is the workshop structured?

*Adaptable to your needs


Step 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to nutrition innovation

  • Selection of nutrition-related challenges and building teams of beneficiaries & employees

Step 2: Nutrition Challenges

  • Understanding of the chosen challenges by using the problem tree

  • Reframing and reversion of the problem tree

  • Understanding the target group by using a storytelling approach and creating a persona


Step 3: Nutrition Innovation

  • Definition of the team’s vision and mission

  • Introduction of innovative projects in the nutrition sector (e. g. by video message or live call)

  • Introduction to intrapreneurship

Step 4: Ideation

  • Idea generation by using a combination of three methods: letter orientation, place mat method and possibility orientation

  • Growing the idea by using the business model canvas


Step 5: Pitch & Snack

  • Sharing all ideas as a pitch presentation with the group and interested colleagues

  • Feedback round & enjoying nutritious snacks together