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Janina Peter

Founder & Food Systems Innovation Consultant

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I founded Good Consulting to build food systems that provide affordable and accessible nutritious food for all - without harming people, animals or the planet.

Working in GIZ’s communications department, I fell in love with using innovation for good, like monitoring crops in Asia with satellites or supporting African farmers with mobile applications that provide market prices. This passion brought me to the World Food Programme’s fundraising and advocacy app ShareTheMeal, which allows you to feed a child for a day with just 70 cents and your smartphone. Besides working towards such a worthwhile goal, I got to collaborate with inspiringly innovative colleagues and an amazingly generous community.

Since then, my journey has taken me from organizing digital impact hackathons over facilitating the Food Systems Game Changers Lab to creating the Eat. Share. Connect. initiative. I am passionate about food and a trained nutritionist. I love connecting people and building partnerships. I am excited about being a Food Systems Hero for the United Nations Food Systems Summit, serving as the Europe Partnership Lead for Thought For Food, leading the global communications for the Right2Grow Alliance and building a future full of equality that feeds the whole world.

Contact us to collaborate on innovative projects and co-create an improved food system.




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